7 LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks

The profile you present on social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is your personal brand and needs to be managed effectively.

Here are some tips to ensure you're presenting your best self online
  1. Headline: Don't just put your job title. Target this to your benefit statement or 30-second commercial
  2. Profile Photo: Don't leave as default. Use a professional head shot of yourself.
  3. Websites: Use "Other" to create your own label with keywords for your site(s)
  4. Public Profile URL: Edit to create a URL with your name
  5. Add Skills, Certifications, Publications: Include keywords
  6. Education: If your diploma/degree was a long time ago you can omit grad year by selecting " - " for years.
  7. Groups: Join a few of the larger groups to quickly expand your network.
    Bonus Tip: If you're doing a number of edits to your profile, turn off your activity broadcasts under Settings until your last edit.

    These tips are specific to LinkedIn, but are also relevant for other social media profiles. Consistency is also good with profile photos and descriptions.

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