One hand fixes the other

I think M.C. Escher's stuff is really cool and trying to figure out some of his three-dimensional impossibilities are rather mind bending.

This is a neat take on his drawing hands.


More family friendly than any wardrobe malfunction

One time at band camp... oh, wait sorry.

This is probably way cooler than any band camp story, though admittedly just as geeky.


There are no borders in space!

One would think that the space race is over, but no, even with the International Space Station, the space race is still going strong.

You'd think that when the human race moves into space we could ignore all the lines we've drawn in the sand, literally and figuratively.

However the Asian space race is going strong with multiple missions to the moon, even though America and USSR have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
And India is apparently going as well.

With all the disease and poverty in the world, and even in Asia's back yard, you'd think that they could collaborate on this mission to the moon and spend the savings on improving the lives of their people in rural areas.

Guiness is cool

Here's a cool new commercial from Guinness in the same vein as the Honda commercial.

Good things come to those who wait.