The End Begins

LA in 2009

Now jump forward to 2018 and see what LA looks like in the future.


Want a Free USB Drive?

No strings attached.

Free stuff with company logos on them for advertising purposes:
How cool is that?

Wicked Obstacle Course for Car (complete with drifting and 360s)

This is wicked. I gotta try this.

I think the guy on the SegWay must have a lot of faith in the skills of Ken Block, the driver.

Definition of Gymkhana - "An automotive sport... where drivers skillfully manoeuvre their cars around... obstacles using extreme acceleration, braking and drifting."


John Williams is a talented musician. So is this guy.

John Williams was the composer for the Star Wars music, Indiana Jones, Superman and Close Encounters, to name a few.

This guy's taken a few of his compositions and produced them a capella style. Pretty neat.