Do not try this at home

This is what the North American commercials look like when they're rehearsing.

"Das sicherste Ensemble der Welt" literally translates to "the most certain ensemble of the world."

sicher can also mean "safe" though. So, you'd think the commerical is a bloopers reel for the final synchronized ballet, but it's actually demonstrating how safe they are.

Well done I'd say.


Mathematical proof to the existence of multiple universes

Turns out The One may not be that far off after all.

In the movie, Jet Li's character travels to multiple universes killing off his alternate self.

The premise of the movie is that there's only so much power in the universe to go around for each person and it's shared with your alternate selves.

So, by killing off your alternate selves the energy becomes more focused among those remaining to the point of almost god-like strength and intelligence.

And now there's a mathematical proof that the universe splitting into parallel versions of itself can explain the probabilistic nature of quantum outcomes.

Of course you probably have to kill off a couple of your alternate selves to have the brain power to understand the proof.

My very own missile silo

I want me one of these. And what a bargain at only $1.5 million.

Imagine turning this into a recreation facility / resort.
  • You could have repelling and mountain climbing in the silos.
  • Military and space themed guest rooms.
  • Maybe even launch your own rocket into space and offer rides.
And in case of alien invasion or nuclear fallout, I'm sure you'd be protected in your underground bunker.


Spin class power

Supercomputers powered by bicycles. This is a cool idea. I'm sure lots of power can be generated from a busy fitness centre. Just hook up a few extra gears and straps to the equipment and voila, instant, free power for the fitness centre.

They could easily employ a rechargeable generator that charges during spin class.


It changes you

In The Brave One, when Jodi Foster's character is asked how you get over a tragic event in your life, she says, you don't, it changes you.

A pretty good movie portraying how someone copes with fear and how one doesn't overcome the tragedy, but how it changes who they were into someone else.

There have been comparisons between this and Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon, and there are some similarities; how someone who presumably wouldn't have otherwise, become vigilantes out for justice seeking vengeance against those who've wronged them.

I haven't seen Kevin Bacon's version yet, but I think Jodi Foster will win out. Death Sentence,seems to be more about the violence, the action, the machismo and catering to a guy audience. The Brave One, although perhaps a predictable Hollywood story, gets you thinking how something like that would change you. It's more of a movie that you will remember and not forget the minute you walk out of the theatre.

MOTOROKR Transformer

How cool is that. A MOTOROKR E6 cellphone modded into a still-functioning Transformer.

I gotta have one of these.


A challenge to graduates

I read a copy of this speech in the June 2007 issue of Speechwriter's Newsletter and thought it was rather inspiring.

The three lessons about growing up from Senator Barack Obama's commencement speech May 19 at Southern New Hampshire University:

1. The world doesn't evolve around you.
2. Challenge yourself. Take some risks in your life.
3. Persevere


Telecommute now becomes telepresence

Now you can be in two places at once.

A tech company in Waterloo has an employee living in Nova Scotia and yet his smiling faces still appears at the water cooler every work day.


Population clock

Want to see how fast the world population is really growing? Check out the population clock for the U.S. and the World.

As of today at 20:58 GMT, the world population is 6,616,179,912 (when I started this post). And just a few minutes later it's already jumped to 6,616,180,686.

The U.S. Census Bureau is predicting by July 1, 2008, the world population will be 6,679,532,264. That's over 70,000 in less than a year!

And I've stated before, the prediction is 9 billion by mid-century.

Do you really think that this planet can sustain such growth?

Check out the clock and you can watch it change as you watch.

Wouldn't open source be a better world?

Here's two stories of people having their own content swiped and then they get dinged when they try and swipe it back.

Scientist must pay to read his own paper

Viacom says user infringed his own copyright