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Here, hear (?) to watching your spelling

Well said.

How cool are these? I want one

... or two or all of them. If they were bigger they would make great garden ornaments.

This is Gyro (19 inches tall).
When Gyro properly understands his assignment he is a wide-eyed and indefatigable worker. One time, though, Gyro wasn't listening closely enough and the next thing you know every lug nut from every vehicle in the Yankee Stadium parking lot had been removed and melted down.

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10,000 B.C.

Great movie as far as special effects, but I think the story tries too much.

Rather than trying to portray itself as a movie of human history I think it should have picked a title such as "Spear tooth" or something else relevant to the movie.

I'm not sure where in Africa De'lays Rastafarian tribe would have actually lived.

I think the suspension of disbelief is easily achieved for most of the story; you can even stretch the imagination to think that ya maybe woolly mammoths did help to build the pyramids, but I think the final scene went too far.

Not to give away the ending, but throughout the story the most mystical it got was prophecy, but to then have the magic of old mother go across the mountains, through the rainforest and across the desert is a bit much.

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Traffic shockwaves are cause of traffic jams

I'm sure everyone has experienced this:

You're travelling along at a nice pace on the highway when all of the sudden everything grinds to a halt. You get a couple miles down the road and everything is moving again, but there was no apparent cause of the slow down; no accident; no busy on/off ramp; no construction; nothing that would have caused it.

The theory of "traffic shockwaves" has actually been demonstrated on a test track in Japan.

And it's all attributed to human error. As one researcher comments: "If they had set up an experiment with robots driving in a perfect circle, flow breakdown would not have occurred."