We are the aliens

There was a post on yesterday about a press conference today that will show supposed video evidence of an extraterrestrial.

However, a story on today talks about 'uncontacted' tribes in the Amazon.

It's hard to believe that there are still isolated people in this world who still hunt and live off the land for their entire existence.

They depend entirely on the few people in their tribe for survival and their entire world is no bigger than a few miles circumference around their village.

Their existence is threatened by illegal logging. To them, we are the extraterrestrials. Could you imagine a logging bulldozer plowing through the trees into their village.

A construction worker in hard hat and sunglasses would appear to them as an alien with big head and saucer eyes would to us.


Firefox 3: On your mark... get set... wait for it...

Much anticipated and going for a world record download day, "with more than 14,000 improvements, Firefox 3 is faster, safer and smarter than before."

Though the date has not been set yet it will be sometime next month, so watch for it and get set to go.

Not yet using Firefox, download version 2 now and upgrade to 3 on download day.


Is Shia LaBeouf the next Indy?

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull is a good popcorn flick, but as Indy movies go I was expecting more.

There were a lot of "old man" cliches in reference to Indy and now that the secrets out that his real name is Henry Jones, Jr., there's no stopping the mentions of it.

In the past movies no one knew his real name was "Junior" and now everyone refers to him as Henry Jones, Jr.

Not to reveal anything, but the whole losing his hat and finding it again hasn't grown old. In the final scene the hat blows around and lands at Mutt's (Shia LaBeouf's) feet and he picks it up. He decides to try it on and at the last moment Indy (aka Henry Jones, Jr.) grabs it.

Is this foreshadowing things to come? George Lucas has stated that he's not actively searching for a new artifact to be the object of Indy's next adventure. With Harrison Ford getting up there in years perhaps Shia will be Indy, Jr. when the next artifact is found to be the basis of a new adventure.

As an aside, and a bit of a history lesson, there is such a thing as crystal skulls. There are 12 known to be in existence - one in each of Paris and London museums, one at the Smithsonian, and nine others in private hands.


Cold Fusion a Reality!?!

If you've watched The Saint with Val Kilmer you'll be familiar with cold fusion and it's role in thwarting the Russian Mafia boss, Ivan Tretiak, and his plans to profit from an oil crisis.

Thought to be like the plague, the study of cold fusion has been relegated to the closet in main scientific channels; however, it has recently been taken out of the closet to air out recently with perhaps promising results.

If this isn't a hoax, this discovery of cold fusion could revolutionize the world's energy production; it's the holy grail of energy production as said by Gizmodo in their post.


Prince Caspian: Chronicles of Narnia

If you like swords, and magic and the like this is a great movie.

The fight between Peter and King Miraz is great with lots of cool moves.

Though it seems a bit fantastical at times it does have a classic story line to follow keeping in line with the original chronicles.

The end seems a bit sad, but provides a bit of foreshadowing of what to expect in the next chapter, so to say.

On My Way for $25!!

I just received an e-mail from Air Canada promoting their new On My Way service. They're calling it "The new name for peace of mind."

This service offers, for a fee, stuff like:
  • Access to specialized agents who are available around the clock to address your needs
  • Priority rebooking on the first flight out (with Air Canada or another airline)
  • The option of a complimentary rental car, train ticket or bus ticket
  • Food vouchers and a hotel room if needed
This is all stuff that I would expect for free and in fact was actually free at one time. And now they're marketing it as something special that distinguishes them from everyone else... IF you pay them an extra $25.

Sure I realize that air lines are getting hit pretty hard by the high cost of gas, but I think they could be a bit more open in their marketing.

Do they really think we're that stupid that we can't see through this?!?


Nine Inch Nails free advance release

Free Music!

You can download Nine Inch Nails latest album, The Slip, for free. They're releasing it free online now in advance of the release of the CD and vinyl in July.


The Dark Knight - new trailer

Not to leave out the other big comic producer, DC comics is also hoping for a summer blockbuster with Batman: The Dark Knight.

If not for a memorial, Heath Ledger definitely could be up for an award as one of the greatest villains as The Joker.

Although he hasn't made an appearance in the trailers yet, it appears that Two Face (aka Harvey Dent) will also be appearing this summer.

Neither villains to be confused with Jack Nicholson's rendition as The Joker or Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face in previous Batman movies.

Iron Man's blockbuster performance brings on announcement of more to come

Iron Man's opening weekend grossed over $100 million prompting Marvel to announce that Iron Man 2 will be out in April 30, 2010 along with more Marvel heroes, including:
  • Thor on June 4, 2010;
  • Captain America the following year, May 6, 2011; and
  • The Avengers on July 2011.