79th Annual Academy Awards

If you missed the show last night, or want a recap of all the winners, follow the link for all the winners and also some short clips of the acceptance speeches.

Also check out the Red carpet gallery to see the celebs in their high fashion dresses and jewelry.

Just a quick recap:
  • Martin Scorsese finally won
  • Helen Mirren was again honoured for her role in "The Queen" with Best Actress, and
  • Forrest Whittaker took Best actor for his role in "The Last King of Scotland."


Ghost Rider

A great comic book flick and a big win for Cage with a box office intake of $45 million this past opening weekend.

Ghost Rider has lots of action for the guys and a minor love interest for the girls with Johnny Blaze's old girlfriend played by Eva Mendes. And if you like the good triumphing over evil plot then this is the movie for you. You can't get more evil than the devil... unless it's the devil's offspring.

And for the chopper lovers there's lots of those and some cool motorbike stunts as well. And you gotta love that chain whip that Ghost Rider uses to get the bad guys.

Based on the 1970s Marvel comic book, I think Ghost Rider predates Spawn, but there are some parallels to the stories. The devil's bounty hunter, or leader of the army of darkness, as the case may be, taking his devil-given powers and deciding to use them for good.

Overall, a pretty good night out.

A quick post

Really busy with lots going on - two weekend Wilderness First Aid course; website for Western writing course; busy at work ...

For my writing course, Writing for the electronic environment, I need to create a website, so I'm developing my own site and will make it much nicer than it is now with just one basic page. Haven't taken the time to work on it until now, so I figure if I have to do a site for my course I should do this one.


Super Bowl XLI

For those of you up in Canada, unless you drove across the border to watch the Super Bowl, or have an illegal satellite dish, you would've missed the big $85,000/sec. commercials produced for it.

So, if you're interested, you can check them all out online.

Watch the commercials and see that when playing rock, paper, scissors, you can win with rock against paper. And learn what criteria to use when deciding whether or not to pick up a hitchhiker.