Jet Li versus Jason Statham

War is definitely a guy movie complete with nice cars, car chases with said nice cars, beautiful women, some scantily clad or not clad at all, and awesome fight sequences including a couple sword fights.

The premise is FBI agents trying to take down two warring Japanese gangs and one FBI agents personal battle trying to capture an elusive assassin named Rogue.

Good movie, I just wasn't too fond of the ending, which I'm hoping isn't becoming a trademark ending for Jason Statham (possible spoiler if you follow this link).


Darth Vader Transforms to Death Star

The recent Transformers movie has brought out a lot of interest in Transformers with new toys, etc.

And now they've combined Star Wars and Transformers to create this Darth Vader that transforms into the Death Star. How cool is that?


Let evolution do the hard work and then we figure out what happened

I don't think when God created man he used this phrase.

And yet, scientists are playing god and figure in 3 to 10 years they'll have been successful. If you think letting evolution do the hard work and then figuring out what happened is success.

The goal is to create life from scratch. Don't you think that sounds like the plot for the next horror movie? Messing with something and not knowing exactly what you're going to end up with.

The scientist even admits they can't control it, "We aren't smart enough to design things, we just let evolution do the hard work and then we figure out what happened." (Jack Szostak)

If you're not smart enough STOP messing with it!

Another scientist on the project, Mark Bedau said there are legitimate worries about creating life that could "run amok," but there are ways of addressing it, and it will be a very long time before that is a problem.

I'm glad he feels confident. His idea of "a very long time" is probably after he's dead so whatever monster he creates won't be a problem while he's alive.

He must not have kids as he's not worried about whoever is left to deal with the nightmare.



This is what R2-D2 would look like if George Lucas created Star Wars in his frat days at university.

Jason Bourne versus Bob Lee Swagger

Doesn't Bob Lee Swagger sound like a presidential assassin's name? Along the lines of Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth.

Any way, on to the review...

Both movies, with a well-trained government soldier, are action-packed, and each with it's own interchangeable action star: Mark Wahlberg in The Shooter and Matt Damon in the latest adaptation of Robert Ludlum's character in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Similarities include the plot of the secret government department that has "assets" (to use the terminology from The Bourne Ultimatum) performing assassinations that are questionable ethically all in the name of "the greater good of the country."

And when the said well-trained soldier questions the ethics or just happens to be placed in the wrong place at the wrong time, their government who they have well-served, turns on them and sends other assets to wipe out any misdeeds on the part of the government, i.e., shred all evidence, including the said well-trained soldier.

That's where the action comes in. And as far as fast-paced action goes, I'd say that Jason Bourne could beat Bob Lee Swagger. It would be a close fight, but definitely The Bourne Ultimatum is my choice to provide the most non-stop, action-packed sequences.

Though if it's explosions and high body counts that you want, The Shooter would be the movie for you.



M.C. Escher in his Lego days

Escher's paintings and line drawings are famous for their impossibility in the physical world breaking rules of gravity and logic.

However, a few people up to the challenge have recreated his masterpieces in Lego of all things.

Select image for more info on each creation.


Ding Fries Are Done

This is hilarious. If you've ever worked in a fast food restaurant you're familiar with the beep the machine makes when fries are ready.

And even if you've never worked behind the counter you've likely been in a fast food restaurant and heard the constant, annoying beeping when those behind the counter don't silence it right away.

Add this to your list of carols to sing at your next holiday gathering.