Your Customers are Listening to WiiFM. Are You?

There's a popular radio station out there called WiiFM. 

(And it's not broadcast by Nintendo.)

Your customers are listening to it all the time. And if you aren't broadcasting on this station your messages won't be heard and your customers won't take the intended action you want.

The call letters WiiFM stand for What's in it FOR ME.

Your customers are always listening to find out what's in it for them when they see or hear your message. If your message is all about you and your company your customer will tune you out.

To ensure you're always on the same channel as your customer find out what's important to them and ensure you address how your product or service will help them with meet that need.

To do this, use "you" language, not "me", "we" or "I". 

Continually tuning to WiiFM will ensure your customer is tuned in and receptive to your messaging and the action you want them to take (that will help them).