New Iron Man trailer

Computer: "Sir, the upgrade is complete" (talking about the new armor)
Tony Stark: "Tell you what. Put a little hot rod red in there."

'nough said.

Can't wait for this movie.


Rich Dad financial education

Have you heard of Robery Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad?

It's a great book and Robert has many great ideas on improving the financial education kids receive in school and also changing your own ideas on escaping the rat race.

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So... we're safe from the next asteroid impact...


This is the news coverage from the Pentagon on the defunct spy satellite and the U.S. attempt to control it's reentry and ensure burn up.

Looks impressive, but the general doesn't instill much confidence in his speech.


Math mimicking art mimicking math

OK, so my nerd is showing, but this is cool stuff.

You don't normally find math and art mingling together, but the pieces in these exhibits are all generated by math modeling and formulas.

They generate some pretty neat stuff.

The white line above forms a single loop, dividing the page into two regions. Looked at from afar, the image forms a Celtic knot.
-Robert Bosch


A Bunny Valentine

I live downtown, but there are still a few trees in the neighbourhood. Enough that a few of our neighbours include the four-legged variety, including skunks and rabbits amongst the obligatory squirrels.

So, I am used to seeing tracks in the snow around our yard, but yesterday, on Valentine's Day no less, I looked out into the snow and saw this amazing site. (Click image to enlarge.)

Bunny footprints leave heart in the snow.


Don't forget to profreed your work

Someone forwarded me this YouTube video, How NOT to use PowerPoint, and after checking it out I found this one on the importance of proofreading.

It really drives home the point.