Playing the Role of a Real Opposition Leader

Bravo to Michael Ignatieff.

He doesn't fully endorse the new budget, but he is putting the interests of Canadians ahead of his party and quests for power.

Canadians need another election "like a hole in the head." (His words; not mine.)

And as a true opposition leader he is making sure the ruling party keeps its promises by requesting the Conservatives provide three progress reports throughout the year to ensure the budget is on track.

Unlike some opposition leaders who will remain nameless.

"Today, we learn that we can't place our trust in Mr. Ignatieff in terms of defeating Mr. Harper," Layton said.

Again, he isn't concerned with what's in the best interest of Canadians. He's only thinking about himself and his own fruitless quest for power.

Viral Video Chart

This is a good site if you want to see what popular videos are circulating around online.

A few that have been at the top this week are really good:
  1. Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
  2. Cadbury Eyebrows
  3. The T-Mobile Dance
As the name suggests, it's where you can find the marketing videos that are going around, such as the Cadbury and T-Mobile ones.

You can also find some of the top music videos and Barack Obama has been featured on it a lot lately, including his inaugural address.

What Happened to Democracy?

Before the budget was even released yesterday Jack Layton was giving his seal of rejection to it.

"NDP Leader Jack Layton, also a Toronto MP, has said his party will oppose the budget no matter what. Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe has said his party will also oppose the budget." (Source)

I like the comment on yesterday's FM96 morning show that the Conservatives should copy the NDPs budget proposal and put it forth as their own. Layton would then be rejecting his own budget.

And we would be well served by a coalition government that includes these guys?

Let's hope that Ignatieff at least judges the budget fairly and makes the best decision for Canadians, not his party or his own power-hungry ego.

There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

This is an ad running on buses in London, England, and may appear on buses in Canada.

I'm kind of leery of the "probably," that doesn't instill much confidence. I'd rather choose the side that makes a difference in the end.

And I think the majority of people who believe in God or a higher power would say that their belief doesn't preclude them from enjoying their life.

Also, if you believe that there is a reward waiting for you in heaven, then I think that would help relieve any worries.

I would think that those who don't believe are the ones that would be worrying.

Even if you believe that God doesn't exist, you can't deny that the Earth and the universe have been around for millions of years. So, in the grand scheme of things your life is pretty small and insignificant.

If it were me that would be something to worry about.

I'm more inclined to believe that God does exist and enjoy my life worry-free knowing that when all's said and done I can keep enjoying life even after I leave this world.


Star Wars: the abridged version (from someone who's never seen it)

It's hard to believe that there are people out there who have never seen Star Wars.

But it's become such a big part of pop culture, that even those that haven't seen it know enough to retell the story (sort of).