What sledgehammer?

This guy might as well have just skipped the first step of taking it into the Mac shop and jumped right to step two like these girls did.

If he'd been a bit more mature about it he might have gotten somewhere trying to convince them that he didn't spill any liquid on it.

But I really don't think they're going to believe him now when he says he accidentally hit the laptop with a sledge hammer (a few dozen times). Good luck with that.


Beam me into the movie room Scotty

With a couple actual Star trek props purchased from Paramount Pictures, including the captain's chair from Star Trek: Enterprise, Gary Sekulow has created his own home theatre to look like the bridge from Star Trek.

Ocean's 13

This is a good popcorn flick. True to the previous Ocean's movies, the group spends a fortune planning and setting up an elaborate con/heist with a huge payout at the end.

And the movie keeps you guessing as well, and in the end reveals that all was according to plan.

With a cast of big name actors - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, Al Pacino, and the list goes on - it's hard to go wrong.

Not huge on special affects, elaborate stunts, car chases or gun fights, this movie still delivers enough glitz and glam and Vegas for the typical guy and still keeps the women engaged with the heart throbs like Clooney and Pitt.

And for the intellectual there's the planning and high-tech gadgets used to pull off the heist and trying to figure out how it was all done before the reveal at the end.


Rob from the poor, even if it means beating them to a pulp

A new law, Bill C-59, is being pushed through Parliament as a result of money-bags Hollywood... and at the expense of our health and safety.

Hollywood lobbyists have been pushing to have camcorders banned from theatres in Canada to limit illegal recording of movies (because they are having trouble paying the $20 million salaries that the hard up actors are asking).

"unauthorized camcording will not be tolerated in Canada even if it means diverting law enforcement resources from health and safety issues to movie theatres"

Police officers will be inspecting everyone's bag going into theatres looking for camcorders resulting in longer lines which will delay people getting into the theatre on time so they'll miss the previews for upcoming movies and thus not know there's another cool, expensive blockbuster coming out that they just have to see and will miss going to it and Hollywood will lose money.


Eleanor forgoes speed for smart

Thalon Design, a concept car company has taken the body panels off of a Smart ForTwo and created new panels in the vein of the Shelby GT500, dubbed Eleanor, from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.

Cool concept, though I think it really loses the sleek look of the Shelby and it definitely wouldn't make the jump that Nicholas Cage did on the bridge in the movie.


Shell & Ferrari - Circuit

New TV spot for Shell Canada features a succession of Ferrari's through the ages (1967, 1972, 2003 and 2006) racing through various cities in the world.

Crank up the sound to hear the rev of the Ferrari's engine.

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