Ripoff Report's Extortionist Business Practices

If you haven't heard of them, seems to provide a valuable service, but in reality they're only providing an opportunity for them to get rich blackmailing businesses.

I actually posted a ripoff report about on their website and they have yet to post it on their site. 

So much for transparency and fairness.

This is the report I wrote about them:
Ripoff Report seems to be providing a valuable service to help people come to resolution on a problem; however, posting a complaint anonymously is only an opportunity for someone to rant and rave and air their grievance, real or imagined. 
The company being attacked can't defend themselves as the person posted anonymously so it's hard to respond without having all the details. 
And there's no way to reach out to work with the person.
Ripoff Report will allow you to contact the person for a FEE. And they do offer arbitration for a FEE. So it amounts to extortion. 
Just do a Google search for "Ripoff Report" and there are lots of sites that talk about how bad their business practices are and there are even other companies that have started solely for the purpose of combating ripoff reports. 
If you have a grievance, contact the company directly or contact your local Better Business Bureau.