Please refrain from procreating

Church of Euthanasia or Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, though these two philosophies may go to the extreme, they at least open the discussion.

The article talks about the exploding population of the World and the impact on the environment. Another suggested option was to limit couples to one child. I think this is still extreme and the experience of China's one child limit should be evidence that this isn't the way to go.

I think it is something that people should think about though. Religion aside, there are voluntary methods available today to control the number of children people have. (And I'm talking responsible methods before the heat of passion, not after.)

I know people my age who have had 4 or 5 kids. Why would anyone want 5 kids!?! That's got to be hard on a woman's body having that many kids, not to mention the parents sanity.

And I know parents love their kids dearly and wouldn't want to even think about the monetary cost of their kids, but I'd think that couple's should think about the environmental impact.

Our current world population is 6.5 billion and projected to raise to 9 billion by mid century. We're killing the planet now and need to cut back on pollution... what will 2.5 billion more people do?

Update (Aug. 3, 2007):
A bit timely that this article ran in the same week that an article about a couple just having their 17 kid. Can you believe that!?! And they want more. You know, maybe having a one-kid limit isn't a bad idea.


Live Free or Die Hard

Great action-packed, guy movie. In typical Die Hard fashion there's lots of bad guys getting their butts kicked by John McLean (Bruce Willis), lots of gun fire and explosions.

And along the lines of Die Hard 3, this one branches out from the one building of the first Die Hard to encompass a large section of the United States. So, more car chases and even some helicopters and Air Force planes. Cool stuff.

Kind of a steady progression to larger locations starting with an office building, moving to an airport to a city to the Eastern U.S. So, I guess if there's a Die Hard 5 it will have Willis (or his character) travelling all over the U.S. And Die Hard 6... world domination.

The release revolved around what hackers call a "fire sale" where basically the intent is to shut down the country and take it back a few hundred years with no communications, no utilities, and crash the stock market... basically Armageddon with how dependent we are on technology now-a-days.

Of course I'm not spoiling the ending by saying he gets the bad guy in the end. That's a given.


Deja vu - physical or spiritual

I watched two movies recently that deal with a similar theme - if you knew something bad was going to happen before it happened, what would you do or could you do to stop it:
Both movies prompt the question, is everything preordained that even if you knew something was going to happen, could you do anything to stop it or in trying to stop it would your actions actually be what causes the bad thing to happen?

In one the movies precognition is spiritual or supernatural whereas the other the foresight is technical or physical, as in scientific and laws of physics.

Deja Vu was more of an action/drama whereas Premonition was more of a suspense/thriller. Both had twists at the end and if you rent the Premonition DVD, there's an alternate ending that may or may not provide more closure or just add more to the mystery and suspense.

Both were good movies, but I preferred Deja Vu to Premonition.

I won't say which is which, but when questioning whether fate or destiny exists, in one movie the actions to prevent the disaster were successful and in the other were the cause of it.


The latest action figure: You

Last year Time magazine named you as person of the year. And now with all that fame you can order a custom action figure that looks, talks, and dresses just like you.

You can even order extra clothes to dress yourself as your alter-ego/secret identity. And various tools and weapons can also be ordered to complete the look.

All for the low, low cost of $425. Of course if you don't break the mold, you can order extra copies of you for $39.95.

Great idea for someone's 50th birthday, graduation, wedding, parting gift, what have ya.

I'll take one Super J please.


Transformers, more than meets the eye

Autobots, transform

The Transformers movie is an awesome array of guy-pleasing effects with military machines, explosions, fast cars, and yes, even women.

Though to a true Transformers fan there may not have been enough screen time for the stars of the show. It was half way through the movie before Optimus Prime showed up and Megatron didn't appear in full force until the end of the movie.

I was hoping though that they would play the old theme song from the cartoons, at least in the credits. Anyway... could story line and awesome effects with the robots and the transformations.

I'm not sure how the expect to cover up the whole thing though. A battle that destroys half the city would've had a lot of survivors to tell the tale.

Camp Cod driveby

When you take a drive along the road through Cape Cod you don't actually know that you're near the ocean. The roads are narrow with trees right up to the edge. We took a drive for a couple hours along what I would call the coastline, except for the fact that I never did see the coastline.

One thing I want to suggest, if you ever take a trip to New England, make sure you bring along a few bags to collect your garbage. There's a $10,000 dollar fine for littering on the highways, but it's next to impossible to find a garbage can.

Also, as I mentioned, the driving is a bit complex. If you're in a round-a-bout you have the right of way, but you have to cut in front of cars wanting to get on when you get off, and half the time the cars getting on just cut in front of you whether you have the right of way or not. It becomes a real acrobatic nightmare with cars criss-crossing everywhere.

Plimouth Plantation was somewhat exciting, though the $21 per person entry fee wasn't. Plimouth Plantation spelled differently so as not to confuse you with Plymouth the place, which is just down the road. Yep, that's not too confusing at all. And the Mayflower II is also there... at Plymouth... with a y.

Anyway Plimouth (with an i) is a recreation of the first English settlement and portrays how the first "pilgrims" co-existed (on shaky ground) with the Wampanoag native americans.

And one other tip. If you buy a bottle of beer from a brewery, make sure it's not going to tip over and spill and have your car end up smelling like a brewery. Finding a grocery store or a pharmacy isn't that easy and Lowe's doesn't sell the standard Febreeze spray bottle. (No officer, I haven't been drinking, but you're right I do smell alcohol. Hmmm... :|


Live Free or Die

Drove through New Hampshire yesterday and today. Kind of ironic to me that Bruce Willis' movie Live Free or Die Hard is playing at the time I'm driving through the state that has that saying on their license plates.

From the way people were driving today I'd say some of them have a death wish. The seat belt law only applies to people under 18 and we saw a guy on a motorcycle with out a helmet so I guess that isn't a law either.

I think Boston driver's were worse though, and the roads and signs didn't help. There were multiple lanes converging down to one or two lanes instantly with no notice. There were round-a-bouts with intersecting streets and cars driving right across in front of you and multiple times we were cut off by cars driving across two lanes of highway and cars inching their way in with out so much as a signal.

Anyway... our sites of attraction were America's Stonehenge and Salem, Massachusetts.

America's Stonehenge is dated to be about 4000 years old, give or take a few hundred. Similar to Stonehenge in England, it marks many celestial occurrences, such as the Summer Solstice and the Equinox.

Salem was big into witches with multiple witch museums and stores. They apparently have a few hundred practicing witches. We took a trolley ride around to catch the highlights then walked around a bit but didn't go into any of the museums. Even though Harry Potter seemed to be the big promo going on at this time with the next movie opening Wednesday and the last book coming out next week.

We were glad to get off the highway after driving through Boston in rush hour and were grateful to receive a complimentary drink coupon once we actually made it to the hotel.


Day 2 in New England

Today we visited Shelburne Museum, Magic Hat Brewery, Champlain Chocolates and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. All are within, or close to, Burlington.

EM wanted to go to Shelburne Museum as they have a large quilt exhibit. It did have many other interesting places though.

There were a lot of historical buildings that were actually moved to the location, including a large paddle boat, a large circular barn, which was brought in pieces with a large helicopter, and even an old jail moved there in the 50s. It tool three days to move the jail along the highway in one piece at 3 to 7 mph. There was a print shop as well that was interesting with many old presses and finishing equipment.

Weather was a bit wet walking around outside in the rain at the museum with our umbrellas.

Magic Hat had unlimited free tastings. I picked up a long-sleeve T and a jug of Fat Angel.

Ben & Jerry's was packed so we skipped the tour and settled on a pint of ice cream... :)

The Vermont licence plates say "Green Mountain State," and it didn't disappoint. We drove about 3 hours through the mountains. Beautiful scenery literally driving through the clouds with the mountains covered in forest.

The last leg of the drive through New Hampshire we were able to enjoy the scenery at a slower pace. It took us about an hour to drive 15 miles! I guess being the end of the Fourth of July week many people were returning home to Boston from cottages, etc., so a lot of traffic.

Spending tonight in Salem, New Hampshire; not to be confused with the famous (or infamous) Salem, Massachusets, which is on the agenda for tomorrow.

On the road again

We started our vacation today by driving 9 hours to Burlington, Vermont. Weather was good to start, but we ran in to some heavy rain the last half of the trip.

Crossing the border at Cornwall was uneventful, but just across the border there were plenty of signs informing us that we were in Mohawk territory, not NYS. We made sure we kept our arms and legs in at all times and obeyed all signs during that short leg of the journey.

We drove across the islands of Lake Champlain into Vermont and that was a nice scenic drive; except for the dark clouds and on and off again rain.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and the Shelburne Museum are on the list for tomorrow. We also found brochures for Champlain Chocolates in Burlington, so we’ll see if we can schedule that in tomorrow as well.


Surprise in the [pizza] box

I heard on the radio this morning about a new pizza place in Winnipeg. To differentiate themselves from all the other pizza places they've added a surprise in the box; kind of like a toy in a cereal box.

The catch is, this ain't no pizza you want to serve to your 6 year old. You have to show photo ID proving that you're over 18. The surprise is photos under the pizza ranging from mild to hot.

I'll keep this blog clean and let you come up with the alliteration used for the name of the place. I'm sure a quick search on Google with the appropriate search terms will find the place for you.


Save our planet

Words of wisdom from Dr. Seuss:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
- from The Lorax